Flame processing furnace

Flame processing equipment is essential in creating products that require welding, such as quartz tanks used in cleaning equipment and quartz boats and quartz reaction tubes used in semiconductor devices.

In order to handle products used in semiconductor devices with increasingly larger diameters, Techno Quartz is the first quartz product manufacturer to install a large-scale electrical furnace for vertical reaction tubes and a large-scale glass lathe capable of handling 12-inch size products.

In order to thoroughly eliminate contamination that can occur during welding, we have aggressively moved to incorporate facilities such as clean rooms.

Large scale glass lathe

This lathe can manufacture pipes up to 550mm in diameter for applications such as large reactor tubes for semiconductor devices.

Large scale electric furnace

This furnace can be heated to over 1000℃, the temperature required for annealing after welding.

Clean welding chamber

This chamber is used to eliminate contamination from impurities during welding. We carry out detailed processing by welding in a clean environment.

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