High precision quartz glass and silicon products

Techno Quartz provides high-precision quartz glass, silicon and ceramic products primarily used in semiconductor and LCD(Liquid Crystal Display) manufacturing equipment, and analytics equipment.

Vertical quartz boat
Vertical Quartz Boat for semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Various vertical and horizontal shapes are available.

Quartz pedestal
Parts of any shape can be produced by welding together quartz rod or tubes.

Bell Jar
High-precision welded bell jar with minimized variation in thickness.

Gas distribution plate
A quartz plate with precisely drilled holes. Can also handle precise drilling of minute φ0.1-mm holes.

Quartz ring
Ring products can be manufactured in various forms and shapes. 

Quartz reaction tube
Various large size reactor tubes for 300mm wafers process can be manufactured.  

SI Ring
Ring products can be manufactured in various shapes.  

SI Gas shower plate
This silicon plate is drilled with precision holes.
Micro deep hole drilling with a high aspect ratio is also possible. 

Product information courtesy of Techno Quartz

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